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You can find the serial number printed on a label or engraved into the metal casing of your radio. For some models, the radio will need to be removed from the dashboard. Removing your radio is easy following these guides on Youtube. If you need a set of radio removal keys you can purchase these from a Halfords store or local car parts shop.

Once you have the serial number enter this into the search form on the dedicated page for your car, van, people carrier, minibus, pickup or SUV. Once entered press the get code online button. Once we have verified that a code for your radio is available you can proceed to our secure checkout 24 hours a day, or you can make payment for your code by telephone from 9 AM to 6 PM seven days a week.

If we have your code in our database we will display it on your screen following payment, your code and a VAT receipt will be sent to the email address you provided during checkout, if you pay for your code by telephone we will either give you the code straight away or call you back once we have retrieved the code.

  • Is This Website A Scam?
  • No! we are a UK VAT & Tax registered company.
  • Is This Website Secure?
  • Yes! Please check the address bar on your browser for
  • Will The Code Unlock My Radio?
  • Yes! If the original code has not been changed.
  • Will I Get Proof Of Purchase?
  • Yes! You will receive a VAT receipt by email immediately following payment.
  • What happens If I lose My code?
  • We offer a free duplicate code retrieval service by email.
  • How Do I enter My Unlock Code Into My Radio?
  • We offer free code entry instructions for all models by email.

Excellent service, code received within 5 minutes. Ford quoted me £20 minimum fee and a wait of two weeks before the car could be booked in. Would highly recommend this service. ~ Les

Very quick response, 40% cheaper than main dealer without the hassle, very easy website to use, recommended. ~ Norman

Thought this was a bit expensive to get my radio code however after checking several sites this was actually the cheapest around. Code was available within 20 mins of purchase and the online chat helped me with instructions on how to enter the code! Top notch service ~ Gavin

Quickly and Professionally ~ Kamil

Page Updated: 15th September 2018