VDO Radio Codes can be obtained online within 1 hour from 9am until 11pm every day. To get the code we need the 14 or 15 digit serial number.

Our service covers the Fiat Multipla, Rover 25, 45 & 75, Renault, Land Rover, LDV, KIA, Vauxhall Siemens VDO CDR 2005 & VDO CDR 500. We can now supply VDO radio codes for the MG Rover CD413X.

You can pay for vdo radio codes online or if you prefer to pay offline you can call us on 01379 669375 from 9am until 6pm daily.

Please ensure that the CD or cassette player has not been tampered with or previously decoded, we only supply the 'original' code and once the code has be displayed or emailed to you, we can not offer a refund, please view our Terms & Conditions prior to searching for your code.

Once you have your VDO radio code, you can view our free Siemens VDO Radio Code Entry Instructions, this will guide you through the steps to unlock your CD or cassette player.

Step 1 Locate the 14 or 15 digit serial number beginning with GM, RG, RNRD or VD, The serial number can be found on a label, which is located on the top or side of the CD or cassette player casing.

Step 2 To view the label you will need to remove the CD or cassette player from the dashboard. This is very easy to do. You may need to purchase a set of Radio Release Keys; you can purchase these from us by telephone.

Step 3 Once you have found the serial number, please enter this into the code search form on your right.

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Dear Sirs, Thank you so much for your prompt service. Yes, the CD code you sent me works fine and I can use my CD again. What a grief!! 8.99 pounds is so cheap for the punishment on my everlasting forgetfulness. I have lost the tiny sheet of paper hidden in the CD manual from Alfa Romeo. As Japanese cars do not have this CD code system, I was not careful about the code before changing batteries. My local Alfa Romeo dealer said that they do not have the record of CD codes of their customers even at the main branch in Tokyo. They also said that they would charge me about 4500 yen (40 GBP) and handling charge and tax, and it might take 2-3 weeks to get the code from West Germany. Why West Germany? It's an Italian car .... I gave up. I am happy to have found your service on the website. Thank you again. You are a big help!! Toru Sasabe (Japan)

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