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You can unlock the Sony radio in your car or van from the seven digit serial number beginning with M or V. You will find the serial number printed on a label or by pressing 1 & 6 on the radio. All Sony Radio Codes are shown instantly on your PC or mobile screen following payment confirmation, a copy of the code will also be sent for your reference by email and SMS.

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To find the serial number required to unlock the radio in your Ford car or van, you can press and hold the preset buttons 1 & 6 or 2 & 6 on the front of the radio, text will scroll across the screen, your serial number is usually at the end beginning with M or V followed by 6 numbers on most Sony CD & Cassette players.

Once you have the serial number you can get the original Radio Code using our secure online service or you can request the code by telephone. Our service is available online from 9 am to 11 pm seven days a week. Our telephone service is available from 9 am to 6 pm seven days a week, 01379 770075.

All electronic transactions you make to us will be encrypted using SSL technology. In addition to this All transactions on are monitored to help prevent against fraud, and identity theft. If something seems suspicious, one of our sales team will call you in order to verify the transaction before the radio code is retrieved, this is to protect both you and our company. To be sure that you have connected to our 100% Secure Page please check your browser address bar for the following Secure Website

Once purchased and retrieved we will display the code on your Mobile, Tablet, PC or Laptop screen instantly, we will also send a VAT receipt with a copy of your Code by email and keep a log of this for 20 years in order for you to retrieve the code again during this time free of charge.

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Brilliant! Said it would take around 30 minutes but only took 10! The code given worked perfectly, would definitely use this site again and I would highly recommend to others! ~ Rhys

Perfect, cannot fault and so happy to have my Ford C-MAX radio working again! ~ David

Excellent service ford wanted £25 ~ Brian

Went online to find the best radio code know it cost me £10 but well worth it and least have code now for car cos didn't have it at first and was with me in couple of mins. ~ Anonymous

Page Updated 19th July 2018

  • Ford 7000 RDS EON
  • Ford C307
  • 95GB-18K876-BA
  • 4M5T-18C815-CK
  • 4M5T-18C815-BK
  • 4M5T-18C815-CJ
  • 4M5T-18C815-BC
  • Ford C3XX-CD6
  • 8S7T-18C939-MB
  • Sony CDX-FC34XMB
  • 8S7T-18C939-ME
  • Sony CDX-FC34XME
  • KW2000
  • 8V4T-18C939-LA
  • Sony CDX-FS394LA
  • Sony CDX-FS394LD
  • 8V4T-18C939-LD
  • AM2T-18C939-JB
  • Sony HCD340JB
  • AM2T-18C939-DB
  • Sony HCD340DB
  • Ford CD-MCA
  • Ford CD132-CD6
  • CDX-FC132
  • 5S7T-18C815-CC
  • 5S7T-18C815-CG
  • 5S7T-18C815-CE
  • 3S7T-18C815-DD
  • 5S7T-18C815-CB
  • 5S7T-18C815-CF
  • 5S7T-18C815-BC
  • 5S7T-18C815-BG
  • 5S7T-18C815-BB
  • Ford CD307
  • ISLAND KW2000
  • Sony CDX-FS307EE
  • 7M5T-18C939-EE
  • Ford CD345-MCA
  • BS7T-18C939-FC
  • Sony HCD345DC
  • Ford CD394
  • Sony CDX-FC394DB
  • Ford CD3XX
  • Sony CDX-FS34XF
  • Ford V34X
  • Ford CDX-FS132