Our Ford Radio Code Service Covers Both M & V Serial Numbers, Guaranteed Codes, Secure Payment!

You will get your Ford radio code in minutes from the serial number beginning with M or V. We supply radio codes for all models of CD & Cassette players which includes the Ford 6000 CD. Our online service covers the Ford Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta, Transit, Galaxy, Ranger, Puma, Tourneo, Escort, KA, C-MAX, S-MAX and Kuga.

To get your Ford Radio Code simply enter the serial number from the label on the casing of the radio into the search form, any questions you can telephone +44-01379-669375 or emal info@radiocodes.co.uk. Your radio code will be displayed on your screen and delivered to you by email following secure payment. You can pay for your radio code using your credit or debit card.

Our aim is to provide a cost efficient radio code service to all our Ford customers. If the serial number of your radio player begins with M you will pay £5.50. If the serial number begins with V, the price to pay will be £11.50. Our prices already include VAT.

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"Got Our Code In 14 Minutes For Our Sony CD Player" - Sarah H

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Step 1 Locate the 7 digit serial number beginning with V or M, this will look similar to V021382 or M132032, The serial number can be found on a label, which is located on the top or side of the radio casing.

Step 2 To view the label you will need to remove the CD or cassette player from the dashboard. This is very easy to do. You may need to purchase a set of Ford Radio Release Keys you can purchase these from us by telephone or directly on our radio release key website.

Step 3 Once you have found the serial number, please enter this into the code search form on your right.

Ford Radio Code Online.

All major payment methods welcome for your Ford Radio Code

Updated 22nd October 2015

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