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Get your Ford Puma Radio Unlock Code for your CD or cassette player instantly online. Just enter the serial number from the radio into the search box below to get your code. If you need any assistance, telephone 020 8243 8962 from 9 am to 9 pm.

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To find the serial number required to unlock the Ford cassette player in your car, you will need to remove the radio from the dashboard using a set of Ford Radio Release Keys. Once you have removed the radio, you will be able to locate the unique serial number. You can find these details printed on a label on the casing this will begin with M.

Once you have the serial number you can get the original Ford Puma Radio Code to unlock the CD or cassette player using our secure online service or you can request the code by telephone. Our Ford Puma service is available Instanly online. Free Ford Code Entry Instructions are available using our online Contact Form; please let us know the model of the CD or cassette player you need the instructions for, we aim to reply within 15 minutes during office hours 9 am to 9 pm.

Page updated 24th March 2021